SUPPORTED MESSAGE FORMATS 2017-10-20T23:02:32+00:00

B-SwiftFin Network currently has a full support of  SWIFT Fin with the following message types.

Supported message types:

  • 1 (customer payments and cheques)
  • 2 (financial institution transfers)
  • 3 (treasury markets)
  • 4 (collection and cash letters)
  • 5 (securities markets)
  • 6 (treasury markets – metals and syndications)
  • 7 (documentary credits and guarantees)
  • 8 (traveler cheques)
  • 9 (cash management and customer status)
  • B-Swiftplat payments

Message types under development:

  • Factoring message types

B-SwiftFin supports SWIFT InterAct (message exchange using SWIFT MX; ISO 20022) and SWIFT FileAct (exchange of unstructured messages containing attachments up to 100 MB).

B-SwiftFin has all it takes to ensure information exchange between paying agents and banks as they accept payments.

B-SwiftFin supports a set of documents in the format of the Bank of Russia required for RBS.

One of the B-SwiftFin development directions is ensuring a comprehending information exchange within specific business fields. B-SwiftFin currently supports message formats used in factoring with other e-commerce document formats to follow.

B-SwiftFin can be used for exchange of both structured and unstructured contracts, certificates, invoices and other types of documents, which coupled with corporate internal automated document flow systems forms an electronic document flow. B-SwiftFin allows you to make e-transactions in compliance with law.

Number of documents supported by B-SwiftFin is growing by the day and, if so requested, our experts will readily develop new message categories and formats!